possibility of dreams coming true

The Possibility of Dreams – Monday Motivation

We are a people of dreams. Dreams of a better life, dreams of freedom, dreams of love, hope and life. Dreams of ending poverty, of bringing an education for every child, of arts being accessible to all, of no one going hungry.

The one thing that unites all nonprofit organizations is a singular focus on a mission. The missions are varied, but the focus, above profits, is on the mission, a dream that someone had to make their community a better place. A dream that they couldn’t contain inside. A dream that they had to put into action and through old-fashioned hard work and persistence they began to reshape reality to resemble their dream.

Dreams are powerful! They have the ability to change you, transform you, and drive you to be something better than you are.

This is what I love about nonprofits and the people who work at them. It’s amazing to watch a team united with a single purpose to make our community, our nation, our world a better place. I love it!

Keep dreaming friends! And comment below with what your dreams are.


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