Free Resources For Nonprofits

I have completed my listing of free resources for nonprofits and charities. If you want to know how to get:

  • Free Web hosting
  • Free E-mail
  • Free Advertising
  • Free Credit Card Processing
  • Free E-mail Marketing
  • and more…

Check out my Free Resources for nonprofits page.

If you have any to add just let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Free Resources For Nonprofits

  1. I am new to the non-profit field. I am involved with the Casa de Peregrinos Emergency Food Bank in Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, New Mexico (southern part–most “hungry” county in the st ate!)
    We have high client load and VERY low funds.

    I am looking for every access to people who already do this stuff. Don’t want to waste time “reinventing the wheel.”

    All suggestions wecome and appreciated.

    1. Joyce,

      Thanks for commenting and welcome to the nonprofit world. It sounds like things are pretty tough down in NM. I hope some of my info here can help make things a little easier.

      You didn’t mention anything specific that I can offer suggestions on so here are a few general ideas.

      I would look around in your area to see if there is any kind of nonprofit resource center. Many larger cities have them and they are often associated with your main library. If it’s not they may have some ideas as well.

      The other thing I would do is try to hook up with some other nonprofit organizations in your area. Start with something informal and either offer a tour or ask for a tour of their facilities. Other groups have probably faced many of the same issues as you.

      Good luck! And if you have anything specific just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  2. The easiest way for you might be Google Sites (
    (1) You (or volunteer) can easily make a website.
    (2) You can easily put a calendar on it that different people you choose can update (say the food pantry person can put dates and times on the calendar, the free clothing person can put down their info, etc.).
    (3) You can easily put a donate link
    (4) You can easily move towards online collaboration when you are ready. For example, you can put up a spreadsheet (Google Spreadsheet) of members, their emails and phone numbers that some people you choose can read, and that some people you really trust can edit. For example you can put up a slideshow that tells the story of a client in a movie like fashion that can quickly explain your program for people or clients that can’t read, or for people you want to feel that “oomph!” so they might volunteer or donate.

    Lastly try or your local college or church for someone to help. All they need is good reading skills, they don’t need much computer experience. If you are in Albuquerque you could just show this “how to make” guide to Yes, they are very left, but really cool. Lastly, make sure the volunteer makes the site AND trains you how to use it; a volunteer that just makes it is useless. Sorry I work with a lot of immigrant groups here and can’t help.

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